Access to Technology (A2T)

Project Mission

Access to Technology (A2T) works to bridge the digital divide in communities of need in Western Massachusetts. This work is accomplished by connecting computers that are no longer in use with people who need access to technology and the opportunity it provides.

The goal of the project is to create a win, win, win situation…

  • (Win 1) Bridging the digital divide. Provide good working computers at no cost to students and others who need access to technology but cannot afford it… to bridge the digital divide.
  • (Win 2) Finincial incentives for donors. Eliminate computer disposal costs (avg $20 per device) for companies and organizations who donate computers. Bonus win, A2T is a 5013C and all equipment donations are a tax write-off.
  • (Win 3) Environmental. Keep functioning computers out of landfills.

A2T provides laptops to students without computers in their homes so that young people can work remotely, do their homework and research and to generally keep on learning. We also supply non-profits with computers, projectors, printers, etc… so that they can focus their budgets on more important things. We give equipment to artists and activists because, well, the world needs them desperately right now.

Make a Difference – 4 Options

Equipment Donation

If your business is interested in making a bulk donation of laptops or if you have any questions about this program please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch ASAP. Typically we will either install Chrome OS or Linux Mint on these before we give them away. We can’t take one-off donations. Your company will save money on disposal fees, keep equipment out of landfills a little longer, and help bridge the digital divide.

We are also interested in donations of working printers, projectors, iPads and other equipment that can be used by artists, activists, students and non-profits.

E-commerce Consulting. Pay with Chromebooks for kids.

I’ve been working in e-commerce for about 25 years. My most recent position was Internet Strategist with Yankee Candle Company (Newell Brands). I created 20 years ago and built that site into a $150MM a year e-comm powerhouse. My credentials can be found here: I want to help you make smart technology decisions and optimizations that will save time, money and hassles down the road. Donate Chromebooks that will go to students in your community as payment.

Get a Free Website. Pay with Chromebooks for kids.

We will build an informational marketing style WordPress site for you for free (SSL cert will cost you about $149 for 2 yrs). In return we ask that you pay for at least one Chromebook that can be donated to a child in your town who does not have a computer in their home. If you’d like to discuss this please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP. https://www.greatfalls is an example of the site you would get at no cost.

Donate Money to Buy Chromebooks

Due to COVID-19 and requirements for kids to attend classes virtually, there is an extremely high demand for Chromebooks right now. If you would like to support this cause by purchasing Chromebooks directly, we would love to work with you to get these into the homes of young people who currently have minimal options available to keep up with their studies. We can purchase Chromebooks for as little as $125.

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